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FINALLY Break Your Bad Habits with these 6 Steps! (as featured on

Ditch a bad habit like it's a... bad habit.

You know how the saying goes! As featured on, and perfect for supporting you in creating a foundation for successful New Year's Resolutions! As featured on

1. Acknowledge the habit. Notice it, without judgement - beating yourself up about it does NOT actually serve you in the long run.

2. Get clear on your triggers. Do you binge eat after 10pm? Do you zone out when a particular person speaks up in meetings? Do you stop exercising every time you hit a certain weight loss milestone, then have to start over again a few weeks later? Notice your pattern, your triggers, your biggest hang-ups. Notice what void you're really trying to fill with the bad habit.

4. Get clear on what the alternatives are - not just the habit but the perspective! Saying, "Don't eat that." is like saying, "Don't think about a purple elephant riding a tricycle." What you focus on, negatively or positively, is what you get more of. Give yourself something to fill the void you identified in Step 1. Are you eating donuts because you want to "treat yourself"? What if you shift that to "honor yourself"? Perhaps you'll eat two bites. Perhaps you'll get coffee and take a long walk instead. You have options, and you're more likely to choose outside of your old habits when you adopt a new mindset and are also clear on alternatives, instead of just making yourself wrong for the automatic habitual choices.

5. Identify what you would gain this month by ditching the bad habit. Would you lose 5 lbs this month? Be confident and aware in front of your boss? Save $200 a month on food delivery bills? Look at it in smaller increments than "for the rest of my life"!! Bad habits are often about short-term satisfaction and rewards, so focus on what you can gain in the short-term (this moment? today? This week? This month?) by ditching them instead of indulging in them!

6. Make it public! Accountability is key for most people. Declare on social media or just to one person whose opinion you value (whether you like them or not... Consider the potential effectiveness of declaring a new habit to your work rival! Use your ego to your own benefit!).

5. Enlist support! Get friends, family, colleagues, and/or a great coach on your team! Request positive reinforcement, acknowledgement, reminders, check-ins. If a good kick in the pants gets you going, request that, too, but make sure you're also getting tons of love and compassion. Making changes isn't always easy, but it's absolutely doable, AND you're worth it!

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