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Advanced Coach Accelerator

An elite community of coaches, facilitators, and leaders. A coaching collective that will keep you in the Top 5% of coaches worldwide.

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Accomplishment Coaching

Want to become an extraordinary coach? Visit the World's Finest Coach and Leadership Training Program.

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A workshop that accesses chakra balancing via burlesque-inspired movement, meditation, journaling, and energy healing to create a workout for your mind, body, and spirit.

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EnQ: Energetic Intelligence

You know about IQ and EQ, but what is EnQ? It's an all-encompassing, profoundly impactful approach to leadership, coaching, and truly "having it all" in life. Fusing neuroscience, ontological and facilitative coaching, holistic human behavioral study, and world class coach training, EnQ: Energetic Intelligence

 is the premiere tool for innovative leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and the people who coach them.

Client Love


ABC show that brings people together.  Produced by the brilliant Chris Casey.

The Momaholic Blog and Podcast

Haley Tew, landscape architect, wife, mom, businesswoman, huge personality - she does it all, and now she's teaching you how to do it, too!

TalkMeg podcast

A fun creative outlet from a badass lawyer who brings her humor, joy, and connection to the podcasting world!


Personalized UX coaching firm led by Google designer Sandy Woodruff

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