These little capsules and the yummy shakes have totally changed my relationship to nutrition. I love it so much that I became a distributor, and now my friends and family count on JP+ for optimal health and wellness!  


My dear friend Kristina (AstroOils) got me into oils again, and now I can't get enough, especially peppermint to help me focus during a long work day and lavender to help me unwind! 

DoTerra Essential Oils

Want to hire a coach?  Maybe even become one yourself?  Visit the World's Finest Coach and Leadership Training Program.

Where your Humanity dances with your Divinity.  A workshop that accesses chakra balancing via burlesque-inspired movements, Chakralesque invites you to step into your divine power and embrace your body-mind-spirit connection in a sensual and spiritual way unlike anything you've experienced before. 


A fun creative outlet from a badass lawyer who brings her humor, joy, and connection to the podcasting world!

TalkMeg podcast

Haley Tew, landscape architect, wife, mom, businesswoman, huge personality - she does it all, and now she's teaching you how to do it, too!

The Momaholic Blog and Podcast

ABC show that brings people together.  Produced by the brilliant Chris Casey.

Personalized UX coaching firm led by Google designer Sandy Woodruff


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