As leaders, it's on us to lean into the discomfort of learning, distinguishing, and unlearning our biases, prejudices, and ways we limit the power and possibility of humanity. This is a starting point for education, introspection, impactful conversations, and action steps.

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Accomplishment Coaching

Where your Humanity dances with your Divinity.  A workshop that accesses chakra balancing via burlesque-inspired movements, Chakralesque blends movement, meditation, journaling, and energy healing to create a workout for your body, mind, and spirit.


My dear friend Kristina (AstroOils) got me into oils again, and now I can't get enough, especially peppermint to help me focus during a long work day and lavender to help me unwind! 

DoTerra Essential Oils

ABC show that brings people together.  Produced by the brilliant Chris Casey.


A fun creative outlet from a badass lawyer who brings her humor, joy, and connection to the podcasting world!

TalkMeg podcast

Haley Tew, landscape architect, wife, mom, businesswoman, huge personality - she does it all, and now she's teaching you how to do it, too!

The Momaholic Blog and Podcast

Personalized UX coaching firm led by Google designer Sandy Woodruff


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