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How ARE you?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The world is undergoing collective transformation as we speak. As people who have undertaken transformational life and leadership coaching, you know that's not a comfortable, safe, or overnight process.  I know each of you to be courageous, compassionate, powerful humans, and I imagine that you are processing a lot of - sometimes conflicting - thoughts, feelings, physical reactions, and energy. Know that I am here to hold space for you. If you need space to process your thoughts, emotions, fears, or talk your way to action steps - whatever you might need - I'm here to be of service.  In the meantime, two reminders: 1. Take care of yourself. Your well-being is the foundation on which you build your impact. That means adequate sleep, water, nutrition, exercise.  It also might include: therapy, coaching, journaling, social media detox, purposeful social media presence, news/media detox or limitations, alone time, prayer, meditation, or reaching out to friends/family for connection and support. 2. Do your work. We all have automatic ways of being with fear (or shame, anger, possibility, or uncertainty): fight, flight, flock, or freeze. None of them are inherently good, bad, right, or wrong, but they are limiting. You as a leader must do the inner work of noticing your automatic response then dropping into your soul-level truth, so you can show up for the external work that's worthy of your commitment and purpose.  You can't solve a heart-based problem with a head-based solution, and the heart of humanity has been hurting for a very long time.  If you need help with additional support resources (coaching, consulting, book suggestions, meditation, etc.), for yourself or your organization, please reach out. 

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