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"A little bit woo-woo, a little bit to-do..."


Southern-fried, Brooklynified soul with a keen eye for possibility, an intuitive sense of what keeps you playing smaller than you're meant to play, a world-class education and training background, an absurdly good set of pipes, and a commitment to a world in which all leaders are fully, authentically, powerfully expressed and fulfilled. 

I partner with executives and top performers in multinational finance and law firms, start-ups, and creative leaders in the sports, TV/film, and music industries. My coaching method, keynotes, workshops, and EnQ Framework have impacted companies including Google, ABC, Disney, Etsy, Chief, and universities nationwide.


My clients impact your world on a daily basis through technology, politics, bestselling books, and some of your favorite films, tv shows, and ballgames that I still don't totally understand the rules of. 

My clients and colleagues have called me their "secret weapon", a "mix of Dolly Parton and Marianne Williamson", a "leadership development wizard", and "a loving bitch slap of wisdom".  You can call me when you're ready to level up your life and leadership.


What makes me and my work so special?


After a decade of working as a professional opera singer (seriously. I've sung on stages from the Grand Ol' Opry to Austria, and sometimes, I've done it wearing nothing but glitter and a smile - that takes courage, my friend), I woke up one day and realized that the more successful I appeared, the less fulfilled I felt. Then I noticed that I was surrounded by people who were wealthy, well-known - and absolutely miserable. Instead of trying to transform the industry, I decided to start by transforming my own life.

It started with hiring my first coach. (That was after I spent a year swearing that coaching was a made-up job and that I didn't need or want a coach...). The work impacted me so deeply that I spent the next year in a rigorous training program to become a coach myself. I went on to serve for four years as a Mentor Coach and Program Leader in Training with Accomplishment Coaching in NYC, leading teams and hundreds of individuals in NYC, Chicago, and Canada through their own profound personal and professional development work. I saw many new coaches struggle or fail to thrive, so in 2020, I launched the Advanced Coach Accelerator to help other coaches deepen their coaching skills and business-building savvy. I'm passionate about ethics and professional standards in the coaching industry, so I continue to serve as an ICF Mentor Coach and PCC assessor. If you're a coach who wants to build a more sustainable, soul-satisfying practice, I'm here for you, too.


I'm known for cutting through peoples’ successful exteriors and straight to the core of who they most truly long to be. I specialize in working with those prone to “Imposter Syndrome” and the “Not Enoughs”, especially leaders who might be described as "intimidating" or "difficult" by others. That means that if your coworkers think you're kind of an asshole (and especially if you think that's a good thing), I'm about to blow your mind.


Gentle reminder: until you've opened your heart as much as you open your mouth, you aren't making the difference you might think. 


After twenty years of research and study, I started offering the EnQ: Energetic Intelligence assessment and training program for organizations and executives who want to harness their latent power and energy. My Tedx talk on "Leading with Energetic Intelligence" scratches the surface of this work and some of the tools, but the EnQ program is custom tailored to each organization's gaps and goals.

In addition to coaching, I created Chakralesque: a movement and energy-based workout for body, mind, and spirit.  In conjunction, I developed “The 7 Wheels of Leadership” - a presentation that invites leaders to source their fully-integrated selves in service of maximizing their impact and fulfillment. 

I live in Nashville and Brooklyn, and I maintain a global private practice while also occasionally stepping back onto the operatic or musical theater stage, living my commitment to a world in which all leaders are fully and authentically expressed. 

Certifications, Credentials, Fun Facts:
  • Professional Certified Coach, Member, and PCC Assessor with the International Coach Federation 

  • Workshops and seminars for numerous universities, non-profits, executive retreats, and leadership training programs worldwide.

  • Over 2500 hours of coaching.

  • 25+ years of leadership, management, facilitation, and training experience.

  • 20+ years of study and experience in EnQ: Energetic Intelligence, energy work, Reiki, and yoga

  • Professional opera singer 

  • Co-founder of an opera burlesque troupe that toured US and Europe

  • Writer and director of two Off-Broadway musicals

  • Author of "Energetic Intelligence: The 7 Wheels of Leadership"

  • Creator of Chakralesque, a workout for your mind, body, and spirit

  • Tedx Speaker

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