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Passionate about living a life that transforms, enlightens, entertains, and heals self and others, 

I've been described as a "multipreneurial unicorn of possibility" and a "sassy wildwoman of coaching and leadership".  I celebrate my versatility as a coach, artist, and entrepreneur.  I'm proud to be Exuberance, Warmth, Grace, Power, and Brilliance in the world.  (Those are my "Essence words" - if you want to know what yours are, we should talk!). 


My work as an artist began in the musical theater world at age 5, when I stepped onstage to play a southern-accented Gretl Von Trapp in a community theater production of The Sound of Music.  From there, I explored country, blues, opera, experimental music, and burlesque.  I fell in love with all of them!  Burlesque is the one that helped me truly fall in love with myself again, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.  To this day, you can find me performing multiple genres, from an international opera burlesque, contemporary operas in NYC, a touring musical of 80's pop songs, to studio work and cabaret gigs in Nashville.  

In 2013, I discovered the world of Ontological Coaching, and my life was forever transformed.  In 2015, I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching's very rigorous training program, adding a coaching certification to my Bachelors Degree from Vanderbilt University and a Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee.  Currently, I have a full-time coaching roster of incredible clients from all over the world, I work as a Mentor Coach with Accomplishment Coaching, and I continue to perform professionally all over the world.  I'm a member of the International Coach Federation and hold a PCC-level certification.  I truly, deeply believe in the power and possibility of all beings, and I would love to support you in fully expressing yours!

  • Workshops and seminars for numerous universities, non-profits, executive retreats, and leadership training programs.

  • Over 800 hours of coaching.

  • Years of leadership, management, and executive coaching and training experience.

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