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Metamorphosis womens retreat 2023.png

An Embodied Transformational Experience
in Costa Rica 


noun 1. change of physical form, structure, or substance, especially by supernatural means. 2. striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. 


Who is this for?

It's for you if you are a woman who feels:

  • hungry for a life fueled by desire and purpose - a life that has you feel deliciously, fully alive,

  • ready for a deeper connection to yourself, your fellow humans, and nature,

  • curious about what yoga, Chakralesque, or plant medicine will bring to your healing journey,

  • devoted to being your best self and embodying your fullest expression as a woman in this world,

  • empowered by leadership coaching in a group of other powerful women,

  • you could use a little R&R, sunshine, and laughter,

  • and you're ready to unleash your heart and soul in beautiful Costa Rica.

What can you expect? 

Immerse yourself - body, mind, and soul - in the Costa Rican jungle for a transformational week of exploration, luxurious self-care, radical self-expression, and soul-fueled metamorphosis. This retreat will awaken your true nature, richest beauty, and deepest desire. Together, we will create clarity, confidence, adventure, purpose, and a collective reawakening to what’s possible when the divine feminine is fully alive within you.

Cocooned in beautiful bungalows overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you'll awaken each day to stunning views of Costa Rican mountains and the Pacific Ocean, then spend your days soaking up nature and soothing your soul with the sounds of tropical birds, monkeys, and waterfalls in the distance: hiking, lounging on a pristine and secluded beach, practicing yoga and Chakralesque on a mountaintop, redesigning your life, all with the guidance of expert coaches and healers.


Throughout the week, you will dance in and out of your comfort zone, expanding your capacity for joy, pleasure, connection, courage, and vulnerability, until you emerge and prepare to re-enter your life feeling renewed, reborn, and ready to live as your most divinely empowered self. 

All packages include exquisite farm-to-table meals, lodging, and daily transformational exercises and activities, including but not limited to Cacao Ceremony, yoga classes, Chakralesque classes, group coaching, Forest Bathing, plant medicine, and meditation ceremonies. 


Pricing Options:

Standard Rate: $3500

VIP: $4000 (includes private 1:1 master coaching session valued at over $800)

Ready to Join Us? Register below!

We will work with you to create your most magical experience. Please reserve your space below with a non-refundable $1500 deposit, then we will be in touch to provide further support to solidify which package and options are best suited to your desires. 

"I've never felt so held and so immediately transformed as I did within the first day of this retreat."

- Simone L.

"Working with Kacey has completely changed my life. I've developed healthier habits, fallen in love with myself - and I got a raise!"

Heather S.

"Take me back to Costa Rica! That was AMAZING. I can't thank you enough. Lifechanging."

Tricia H.

"I would literally travel to anywhere in the world to work with Kacey again. Chakralesque is the best thing I've ever done. Can we do this again next month?!"

Joslyn O.

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