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Created and co-facilitated by executive coaches Kacey Cardin, PCC, and Jillian Lindsey. The conversation around bias, racial dynamics, and leadership in corporate America is emotionally charged, complex, and one that leads to too many unanswered questions. This conversation is an essential one to have. More than ever. More than once. In more than one place. Leaders are ready for a deeper level of learning and introspection. This is it.

This program includes:

  • A brave space for people to have honest discussions about race,
    culture, power dynamics, bias, and diversity without focusing on shame,
    blame, and judgement. Rather, we consider who
    we get to "be" in the conversation around race and
    examine what we can create by sharing and
    honoring our varied experiences.

  • We will explore a range of topics and questions
    that frequently come up in discussions including: 

  • Our relationship to Race​

  • What does it mean to be Racist?

  • All Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter?

  • Allyship and Racial Healing

  • What am I supposed to do now?

  • Group Workshop Trainings and 
    1:1 Executive and Leadership Coaching 

  • One pre-workshop discovery call 
    Three workshop calls for 60 minutes
    One post-workshop completion call
    for 30 minutes

  • You will receive tools that will
    empower you to be in brave conversations, design
    actions that matter to you, and shift the current
    narrative surrounding race, bias, and DEI. Our goal is to move
    towards empathy, inclusion, and compassion without
    compromising our identity, our boundaries, or our humanity.

  • Pricing based on organizational needs

“This is not your usual cookie cutter series. The facilitators — who actually facilitate! — work with your organization to shape the agenda to what your organization needs, and provide guidance. They set a tone of safety and trust, and ask the participants to think deeply, ask relevant questions, and communicate honestly. This was a gamechanger for [our company].”"

"I notice more authenticity in my leadership, and more compassion with my team."

-Program Participants, October 2020

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